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Silver-Glide HD
Silver-Glide HD Silver-Glide HD Specs

The Silver-GlideŽ HD is the perfect way to maintain your active lifestyle when the stairs become too difficult to manage.

The padded armrests help provide a comfortable, secure ride every time. The winding drum drive system offers a smooth, quiet ride that travels the length of your stairs in less than a minute. The seat is upholstered in a neutral Misty Gray easy-to-care-for vinyl fabric.

This 375-pound capacity lift has a contoured, extra-wide bench seat that swivels away from the stairway at both levels so you can confidently step off of or onto the lift. All of our lifts are equipped with swivel seats, a critical safety feature, especially for those with limited mobility.

The lift's control switch is located within easy reach at the edge of the armrest. With just a touch of this switch, you'll be gently traveling between floors.

The wireless remote control ensures the lift is right where you want it, when you want it. And, it's a convenient feature when someone needs a little extra help using the lift or when you want to send laundry or other items up the stairs. The controls are mounted to your wall at the upper and lower lower landings.

As an additional option, your Silver-Glide HD can be equipped with a lock and key on the unit. When the lift is not in use, simply reach below the seat and turn the key to lock the lift in place, preventing unauthorized use.

When you're not using the lift, simply fold up the footrest and seat to provide ample room for foot traffic on the stairs. The unit folds to just 17" away from the wall.

All of our lifts were designed for safety, comfort and convenience. Our lifts even detect when something is blocking their path and automatically stop. Once the object is removed, you're on your way again.

The optional folding track clears the track out of the landing walkway. This maximizes valuable living space and minimizes any trip hazards.


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