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Let our affordable Select lift make your life easier and more independent. You can enjoy the confidence of a quality stairway lift at a great price.

The contoured seat fully swivels away from the stairs and locks in place at the upper and lower landings, so you can confidently and securely step off of or onto the lift. The padded armrests help to provide a comfortable ride every time.

Instant accessibility to your Select - just call it with the wireless remote control. Your lift will always be right where your want it, when you want it! And it's a convenient feature when someone needs a little extra help using the lift or when you want to send laundry or other items up the stairs.

To move between floors in your Select lift, simply press the lever on the flexible, easy to hold hand-held control - a great convenience for those with limited hand mobility.

All of our lifts were designed for safety, comfort and convenience. Our lifts even detect when something is blocking their path and automatically stop. Once the object is removed, you're on your way.

The Select lift's compact design folds to just 14" away from the wall, leaving plenty of room for others to pass by.

The Select's track features a concealed gear rack, ensuring a smooth, quiet ride without unsightly gears. Track extends 4" above the top landing.

The seat is fully upholstered in diamond wheat fabric or tan vinyl that will blend with virtually any home décor.


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