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The Flow is the new curved stair lift from Access Industries. A curved stair lift is suitable for every home situation with a curved staircase.

The rail is developed and manufactured for your personal situation. We design your stair lift in such a matter that you avoid all the upheaval and unnecessary expense of changing your home.

Safety is of vital importance. That is why each stair lift is equipped with a seatbelt and sensitive edges to ensure your safety. The Flow runs on battery power with batteries that charge from standard household current and is easy to operate and own.

Slim and stylish design - The Flow stair lift is very slim and versatile in design and will fit on even the most complex curved staircases, traveling on the inside or outside of your staircase.

Folds up out of the way - When not in use, the stair lift simply folds back in one action that links the seat and the footrest together, leaving the staircase free for other stair users.

Unique "swan neck" rail stops near the bottom step to leave access to open corridors or doorways.

Swivel seat - The unique light-touch swivel release lever effortlessly swivels the seat away from the staircase, allowing you to get off the stair lift onto the top landing with ease.

The seat is upholstered in a choice 6 fabric colors and the rail is powder coated in a choice of 6 colors that will blend with virtually any home décor.

To see how each color will look in your home, click here.

Smooth operation - The Flow operates by a joystick control on the armrest with remote controls located at the top and bottom of the stairs to conveniently park the stair lift. The remote controls are radio controlled so there is no unsightly wiring. The Flow is battery powered and will continue to operate in the event of a power outage.


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