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Excel Excel Specs

Our Excel® lift can make getting around your house simple and enjoyable! Its high-quality construction and convenient amenities make the Excel the most popular stairway lift in North America.

Select from two operating systems. The Excel A/C model operates on a standard household current. Or choose the Battery Operated System, which automatically and continually recharges to provide dependable, uninterrupted service - even during a power failure.

Both models feature SoftStart, which provides wonderfully gentle acceleration and a smooth, safe, stable ride. And, when either model stops automatically at the top and bottom of the stairs, it does so very gently.

The Excel® has a comfortable contour seat that swivels and locks at 60° or 90° away from the top of the staircase. Get on or off of the lift with greater confidence and security with this convenient feature. All of our lifts are equipped with swivel seats, a critical safety feature, especially for those with limited mobility. Your dealer can adjust the seat and footrest heights, so your Excel will be a perfect fit for you.

The padded armrests fold up independently, as do the footrest and seat, clearing a wide path for others when using the stairs. Also, the folding arms can help make it easier to get on and off the lift, especially when extra help from others is required. When the lift is folded, it takes up only 14", allowing stairway traffic to pass easily.

Just push the switch and you're on your way! The operating control switch can be placed on either side of the seat, depending on your preference. Those with limited hand mobility may choose an optional joystick, hand-held pendant, or button controls. The flexibility is yours to make this lift an indispensable tool for your lifestyle.

Instant accessibility is standard with your Excel - just call it with the wireless remote control. Your lift will always be right where you want it, when you want it! And it's a convenient feature when someone needs a little extra help using the lift or when you want to send laundry or other items up stairs.

The fully upholstered seat is available in a wide variety of colors, so it can be closely matched to your home's current décor.

All of our lifts were designed for safety, comfort and convenience. They even detect when something is blocking their path and automatically stop. Once the object is removed, you're on your way.

The Excel's track features a concealed gear rack and power cable ensuring a smooth, quiet ride without unsightly cables or gears.

The optional folding track clears the track out of the landing walkway. This maximizes valuable lving space and minimizes any trip hazards when there is no wall extended next to the stairs.


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